We offer consulting by identifying and achieving synergies within your processes, including your current and possible new partners. Based on our extensive experience and independence, we support you with pragmatic and effective solutions. Our competencies are in the following industries:


We have experience in Passenger Reservation and Ticketing System, Customer Data Warehouse and Analysis with respective user interfaces. Air travel today is no longer just a flight.


Working with passenger ticketing system having multiple channel interface including Mobile, Kiosk, Web and Call Centre. Physical location of traveller is key to an optimal solution.


Evaluating passenger digital experience within the Airport premises including information sharing and personalised promotions. Changing attitude of individual from dreading to enjoyment.

Investment Banking

At Swissynergizers we have multiple years of experience in Investment Banking including application development and implementation. Complex processes need to get simpler.

IT & Networking

We have a team of professional, qualified and experienced engineers to offer a full suite of mission critical IT and networking solutions. IT and networking today are at the core of any business.


We are providing innovative education solutions and services for students, teachers, schools and colleges all over the world. We believe each project requires sufficient handover via education and training.


Here are our industry specific projects and skills. Please click the picture for details.


Passionate in understanding, creative in developing, persistent in implementing.

Manish Shrivastava

"Synergies require partners - the wider your network, the more chance of finding the perfect match."

Andy Zbinden

“I live with Trevor Strathmore's statement 'there's always an other option!’ ”

Suresh Patel

"Creating sustainable business models and solutions through deep sector knowledge."


We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us.

Switzerland Office

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